How to: Play RMVB files

How to: Play RMVB files

Recently we’ve noticed a lot of people asking the same question – how can I play RMVB files? Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of RMVB, because many people haven’t. They’re simply a type of Real Media file, RealMedia Variable Bitrate. They’re especially popular for Asian movies and series, and it’s probably distribution of these through P2P networks that has seen the format spreading all over the world.

Even though RMVB files aren’t very well known, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need a fancy player or converter to watch them. Softonic favorite VLC is the perfect example: VLC player handles RMVB files natively, barely blinking when you load your movie up. You may have to tell Windows to use VLC the first time you open an .rmvb file, but by clicking the “Always use the selected program to open this type of file” option, you’ll never have to do it again.

Ok, so VLC’s not for you? Don’t worry! Most good quality media players will handle RMVB smoothly. WinX DVD Player, GOM Player, UMPlayer and BS.Player are all awesome apps that do just as well. If you’re determined to find a dedicated RMVB player, that’s also something that can be arranged – RMVB Player is the app you need. If you’re thinking about downloading it though, stop for a second. Why download an app that just handles RMVB files when you can have one that handles RMVB and a whole lot more?

There may also be some users out there who need to convert RMVB files. Again, don’t let the unusual format throw you off – your favorite converters will be able to handle the job perfectly. Format Factory, My Video Converter and Total Video Converter all support RMVB files and will let you convert them to all kinds of other formats, perfect if you want to prepare movies for storage or portable viewing. Again, there are specific RMVB converters, but why use them when you can rely on high-quality multi-format alternatives?

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