Pro tips for playing Tower of Fantasy

Pro tips for playing Tower of Fantasy
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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Tower of Fantasy is a new gacha MMORPG available for PC and Mobile that some in the gaming industry are calling the new Genshin Impact. As amazing as this new game is, it’s rife with features and gameplay mechanics that aren’t explained all too well.

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In the article that follows, we’ll explore Tower of Fantasy from all angles and give you a list of everything we’ve discovered about the game with detailed descriptions! Get ready for a comprehensive listicle of everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy. 

The Tower of Fantasy daily level cap

The first aspect of Tower of Fantasy that we need to address is the fact that there is a daily cap on how much progress you can make. What we mean is that you can only progress so far on any given day before you hit a digital wall. That said, at the very least, there isn’t some kind of pay-to-play mechanic to unlock further ability to progress. This is how the cap works: On the first day that you play Tower of Fantasy, you’ll be able to reach anywhere up to level 18.

On the second day, you’ll be able to progress up to level 24 and so on. The caps don’t increase in increments of any specific numeric sequence or multiplication factor. Instead, the levels are tied to the chapters of your Wanderer’s Log. This is actually more efficient as it means you can check your log to see how close you are to the next daily cap. 

One thing to note is that you won’t have terribly much to do before you hit level 20, so be prepared for a relatively quiet first day. While I won’t claim to understand a game that puts a physical limit on the amount of progress you’re allowed to make during a day, I do see the benefit of encouraging gamers to take a break once in a while, if only to stretch their legs and take a few deep breaths outdoors. 

The cap resets daily at around 9 AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). In case you primarily work with EST or EDT as your dedicated time schematic, all you need to do is find your region’s GMT code and either add or subtract the suffixed numeric digit to the current GMT. For instance, Pretoria is located in a GMT+2 zone, so my daily cap for Tower of Fantasy will reset at around 11 AM (9 AM +2).

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Simulcrum is just a skin

You’ll notice that as you play, you’ll use Tower of Fantasy’s gacha system to unlock various characters and weapons. However, you’ll also notice that the characters you unlock don’t get added to your party as they do in other games like Genshin Impact, with similar mechanics.

Instead, you’ll unlock a Simulcrum, which you can then use to equip a new character as an avatar. The aspect that really drives home the point that these are essentially skins is that the changes that each Simulcrum initiates are purely cosmetic and make no actual difference to your stats or character abilities. 

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Don’t forget your mount

As soon as you start the game, you’re going to realize just how much time you spend climbing and gliding. These are your primary methods of movement in Tower of Fantasy – apart from good old perambulation, that is. With all these amazing methods of personal propulsion at your disposal, it’s easy to forget that you have a mount.

The most exciting way to explore the world in Tower of Fantasy is definitely gliding, but the most immersive and effective way to explore the world is to mount up and ride around. This way, you’ll be able to see more than you would if you were gliding through the air. Your mount will also be significantly faster than conventional sprinting. 

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Not all chests in Tower of Fantasy respawn

Tower of Fantasy has various types of chests that it’s difficult for a beginner to keep track of them all. That said, each type of chest contains a different reward. Keeping this in mind will make it easier to anticipate what kind of reward you’re looking at just by observing the shape of the chest.

For instance, the orb-shaped chests will reward you with the in-game gacha currency – Gold and Black Nucleus. The triangular and rectangular chests will reward you with basic materials that you can use to upgrade items and make food. You’ll also get a good amount of EXP. Tower of Fantasy also has a premium currency – Dark Crystals – which is also contained within certain orb-shaped chests. 

The differences between the different chests extend further than simply the contents of each. The chests also differ in that those shaped like triangular or rectangular prisms will regenerate and respawn, while those shaped like orbs will not. 

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This is arguably one of the most pivotal and often-used features of any type of adventure game. Double-jumping will let you traverse larger cliffs and expanses than hitting the jump icon only once. Double-jumping is essentially equivalent to jumping once, and then as your character closes up the arc that their initial jump creates, they hit an invisible force that they can ricochet off of.

This results in a boost in distance and height. Don’t forget that you can double-jump in Tower of Fantasy, as this could prove pivotal to many situations you’ll encounter as you explore the game.

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