How to record Skype calls using PrettyMay

How to record Skype calls using PrettyMay

Want to record voice calls in Skype? Install PrettyMay for Skype and you’ll be able to record and save all of your Skype calls very easily.

PrettyMay Call Center is a stand-alone Skype audio recorder for Windows. To use it, you need to install Skype on your PC then download PrettyMay and install it. The call recording software is available as a 30-day trial, with a 30-minute per call recording limit.

Make a call with Skype

When you launch PrettyMay it will automatically load Skype, so you’re instantly ready to record your calls and conversations. Place your call in Skype by clicking on the name of a contact or calling their number with the dialer.

Start recording the call

Once the call is connected, hit the Start Recording button in the PrettyMay interface. You’ll be asked if you want to record the call. Say ‘Yes’ (obviously!).

Call recording information

When you’ve started recording, the details of the call you’re recording are displayed in the PrettyMay interface, including the contact, the time you started recording, and the duration of the call so far. You can stop or start Skype calls from here just by clicking on the contact name.

Add more call details

You can edit details of the call by right-clicking on the contact and selecting the ‘Add/Modify Memo’ option. This is useful because you can add information about the content of a call to help you later when you’re reviewing your recorded calls.

Where the heck are the options?

It’s hard to find the options menu in PrettyMay. You can find it via an icon next to the minimize button at the top-right of the menu.

Change settings in PrettyMay

The options menu lets you enable or disable recording of incoming and outgoing calls, send a message when you start recording, choose where to save the audio file, adjust the audio format, and more.

What to do next

Once you’ve finished recording your Skype call you might want to edit it in order to take bits out, or piece it together with other calls you’ve recorded. Go check out the audio editors section on Softonic for information about the best audio software to choose.

You may even like to add vocal effects to your conversations to make them more humorous. Have a look at our guide to the best Skype voice changers to find out how to alter your voice with Skype!

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