How to Send ALL Types of Files on WhatsApp

How to Send ALL Types of Files on WhatsApp

The latest WhatsApp update, which rolled out last month in beta, included a handy little feature that might have crept in under your radar. Once the update hits the public, all users will be able to send all file types using the popular messaging app. Apparently, the file size limit for the new sharing capabilities will be 128mb for iOS, 64mb on the web and 100mb on Android.

To send the new file types via WhatsApp, all you have to do is select documents when you click on the attachments icon. This will allow you to share any type of file as long as it stays within the file size limit. The limits are quite restrictive, but they will allow you send high-resolution images or high-quality audio files.

The new file type capability and size limit will make it much easier for users to share files among themselves without having to leave the WhatsApp application. Until now, users have had to upload unsupported file types to a third party cloud-based storage service and then share a link to the file.

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