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How to send WhatsApp messages that self-destruct

WhatsApp hasn’t yet (officially) launched the feature that allows you to send messages that self-destruct after a certain time, however there is a very simple trick that can allow you to do it now!

By simply installing an app called “Kaboom” (very onomatopoeic), you have the ability to send all types of messages, including photos and links that automatically delete themselves (take note, they don’t actually explode), just after your contact has read them.

How to send self-destructing messages on WhatsApp

1. Install the Kaboom app onto your device. (Android | iOS)

2. Create the message you wish to send.

Open the app to write a message, or take/attach a photo


3. Set the timer!

Here you can select how long you want the message to be available for, and how many times you want it to be accessible (should you choose to send it to more than one person, for example).


4. Share the message where you want

Kaboom won’t actually paste a message into your WhatsApp, but instead send a link to the information you have sent. This means you can use it for many other messaging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter – whatever you like!


Take into account that Kaboom doesn’t have the ability to notify you if the contact has taken a screenshot of it or not, so as always, send messages wisely!

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