How to setup Google Play Music

How to setup Google Play Music

Google Music is more than just a standalone music player for Android devices. It’s also a personal streaming service for users. Currently only available in the United States, Google Music could prove very popular in other markets.

Google Play Music’s support for 20,000 tracks is excellent. Defining storage by track rather than disk space is great, but how does you get your library into Google Music’s cloud storage?

On the PC

The first thing you need to do is download Google’s Music Manager. It isn’t possible to upload songs into the cloud from your device, but most people have their music libraries on their computers.

After installing, Google’s Music Manager asks you to sign in with your Gmail account information. This simplifies the connection for streaming between the servers and device.

Next Music Manager will ask where your music collection is kept. The program scans iTunes media library and Windows’ default folders. For people who store files in separate folders, choosing the last option will allow you to select multiple folders.

After selecting the locations, Google’s Music Manager will start to upload the files into online cloud storage.

Upload time depends on the number of files and the speed of your internet connection. If you’re uploading a large library, it’s going to take a while!

On the Android

First, download Google Music.

After downloading, Google Play Music requires log-in to a Gmail account. Interestingly, Google Play Music supports multiple Gmail accounts for streaming. So it is possible to listen to multiple libraries through your Android device.

As Music Manager uploads music, files will begin to appear in Google Music. In Options, there are many data saving features like streaming via Wi-Fi only and downloading files on Wi-Fi only as well.

There is necessary customization in Google Play Music. Changing streaming options is important because it uses lots of data. One of the great options of Google Music is the ability to download songs directly onto the device for listening when not connected to a data connection or Wi-Fi.

Offline Storage

It is possible to choose all songs by an artist or specific songs; you have to tap on “Available offline” and the tracks will be downloaded to the device. Depending on the settings set previously, downloading time can vary.

That’s all you have to do to setup Google’s Music Manager and Google Play Music on the Android device for streaming and downloading music files.

Google Play Music and Google Music Manager bring your computer and smartphone together. Streaming personal libraries and downloading songs directly to the device is great. Plus, 20,000 tracks is a lot of music!

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