How to Share Your Live Location on Google Maps

How to Share Your Live Location on Google Maps

How do you feel about global corporations knowing your exact location at all times?

Some people are a little freaked out about it and, if I’m being honest, I’d have to say I am one of them. Thing is though, it isn’t half useful having a little computer in my pocket that can throw all sorts of useful information at me because it knows exactly where I am.

Thanks to Google maps, though, it isn’t just the corporations that can know where we are at all times. We can now keep our friends and family up to date with where you are. We can now broadcast our live location. Let us have a look at how to do it now.

How to Share your Live Location on Google Maps
You can select who you want to share your location with and for how long

There are a number of options we can select when sharing our location. First up, how long we want to share our location for or whether we just want to share it indefinitely. After that we need to select who we’re sharing it with and we can do this in a couple of ways. We can select contacts from our phone book or we can create a link to send via a messaging service.

Pretty simple. Once we’ve shared our location we can go back to the original share location screen and see just who we’re sharing our location with.

This is a useful feature that’ll mean we’ll no longer need to keep giving updates of where we are should we be running late. I’m sure there are plenty of other uses for this feature but I reckon that’ll be the use I get the most out of. I guess if I’m going to start really valuing my privacy I’ll have to start turning up on time.

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