How to side-load apps on the Kindle Fire

How to side-load apps on the Kindle Fire

Have you wondered how to get Android apps onto your Kindle Fire that are missing from the Amazon store?

The Kindle Fire is a great Android tablet. It’s a device for casual users who read e-books and buy content from Amazon. Kindle Fire’s customized Android 2.3 operating system also allows you to have more options with apps and other content.

But the Kindle Fire doesn’t support the Google Play Store and you have to buy your apps from Amazon’s app store. A lot of popular apps aren’t available on Amazon’s store, like the official Facebook for Android app.

There also isn’t any native support for Google’s services like Google Play Music.  Amazon has locked access to the Google Play Store from the Kindle Fire forcing you to purchase apps from Amazon.

Here’s a simple work around:

  1. On the Kindle Fire, go to Device settings and Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources. This will let you install apps through a file manager.
  2. Through the Amazon App store, install a file manager app. This will give you access to APK files on the device.
  3. When you plug in the Kindle Fire to your computer, it should show up as a “Removable storage device.”
  4. Create and name a folder that will store your APK files and transfer the APKs you want.
  5. Disconnect the connection between the computer and Kindle Fire.
  6. Open the file manager.
  7. Open the folder that you saved your APK files in.
  8. Tap each APK and install the apps to your Kindle Fire.
  9. They will install and be available to use!

    Note: Not all apps will work on the Kindle Fire unfortunately, because some require functions that Amazon’s customized OS don’t support.

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