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How to use CCleaner to get your PC performing like new

How to use CCleaner to get your PC performing like new
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Few things are more frustrating than a slow computer. While you may think it has something to do with your PC’s memory or storage space, it could actually be due to junk and temporary files clogging up the system. Instead of spending days trying to work out which ones are causing the problem, you can use a tool like CCleaner.

The optimizing tool has a free version that gives you access to several functions. There’s also a paid edition for more advanced features, while you can also make use of a driver updater. Here’s a quick look at what CCleaner is and what it can do to boost your PC’s performance.

CCleaner Professional Edition Test it with a 14-day trial

What CCleaner is and how it works

CCleaner is an award-winning utility for Windows and Mac devices that optimizes storage so that your computer can run faster. It’s for those times where you’ve spent the last few months downloading anything and everything you probably don’t need, and now your PC is slow. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Fortunately, this program scans all locations and drives and shows you what is and isn’t necessary.

The top CCleaner features

While it’s easy to say it optimizes your computer, there are a few features that make this possible. Here’s a quick look at what it does to improve speed and performance so that you can get back to working…and gaming, of course.

PC Health Check

First and foremost, CCleaner performs a quick scan to see which are the most significant issues. Many times, there may be broken files that cause the registry and storage-reading tools to slow down. You can let it correct these issues automatically or decide what actions to take.

Updating software and drivers

Another aspect that could be slowing your PC is an outdated driver. You’re excused if you have motherboard and hardware drivers you haven’t updated since 2014. Many people don’t realize that these utilities need new versions to run efficiently. To save you time researching which drivers you need to update, CCleaner has a one-click solution to do it for you.

Faster performance

When you download files and browse the internet, your system saves temporary files that you don’t need for more than a few weeks. What happens is that these remain in your registry or storage, taking up space, RAM, and performance and making everything lag. CCleaner ensures that all of these are cleaned up so your PC can run faster, reducing your frustration.

Safer browsing

Due to browser policies, adverts and sites use cookies to track your behavior so that they know which products you may be interested in buying. While this poses a security risk, it also takes up unnecessary space. CCleaner protects your identity and speeds up your PC by removing these cookies and cleaning up your cache.

Fewer crashes and issues

When your registry becomes cluttered with unnecessary files and outdated drivers, it leads to your PC crashing. CCleaner not only keeps your drivers updated, but it ensures that your registry remains as clean as possible. You won’t need to download an additional registry cleaner to sort it out. 

Improved startup

As a result of all of the above, you’ll notice that your PC will startup faster. The reason is that your BIOS and computer won’t need to work through hundreds of files and apps when you log in, making it easier for the device’s memory to manage.

Does CCleaner enhance security?

When you have cookies tracking your behavior and outdated drivers, it’s easier for hackers and malicious files to harm your device and steal your identity. CCleaner assists by ensuring there’s less chance of this occurring, hardening your PC from attacks. However, it isn’t a substitute for antivirus programs, and you should still install one for full protection.

Improving your computer’s performance with CCleaner

So, there you have it. If you’re sitting with a computer that once was fast but isn’t anymore, it’s not the manufacturer trying to force you to buy a new laptop or PC. It’s simply a case of a buildup of files and outdated drivers in the background slowing everything down. 

The Pro version gives you access to all of the above-mentioned features, while you can also upgrade to the bundle to include up to three devices. It also includes disk defragmentation, file recovery, and a hardware inventory. So don’t sit waiting for your PC to run properly. Try the free trial of CCleaner Pro and see the improvement instantly!

CCleaner Professional Edition Test it with a 14-day trial
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