How to use jDownloader

How to use jDownloader

File hosting sites are convenient when you need to share files with others. But when you need to download multiple files from different file hosting sites, it takes a long time to separately access them.

jDownloader lets you add the URL to files so they can be downloaded without sitting and waiting. The program supports many of the most popular file hosting sites and is easy to use, but at first glance it does look a little overwhelming.

jDownloader is simple once you understand the basic functions.

Using jDownloader doesn’t require much technical knowledge. All you need is the URL of the link and jDownloader handles the rest.

1. Copy the link URL.

2. Go to Linkgrabber and add URL.

3. Past thee URL, which will load it.

4. Choose the link to use. Some urls support multiple file hosting sites. Continue with selected link.

5. In the Download tab, you can see the status of any download.

Note: Although using jDownloader is simple. Sometimes you will come across links that don’t work. Sometimes the link may have expired or the file is unavailable.

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