How to use photo filters in Facebook 5.1 for iOS

How to use photo filters in Facebook 5.1 for iOS

Facebook already released standalone apps messenger and the camera, but Facebook’s latest update to the iOS app adds more than just improved chat or multiple photo sharing. You can now take photos and apply different filters to them before you upload them to your wall.

Even though Facebook purchased Instagram, these filters are different. The update adds a new menu you select to bring up the filters option. It’s simple to use, but the included filters are a lot more difficult to see changes because of the smaller screen.

Here’s how to use photo filters in Facebook 5.1.

Take a picture with either the in-app camera function or use a photo in your camera roll. Select the image you want to use and Facebook will load the picture in the editor.

The wand icon is the editor for filters. The icon to the left is the crop button where you can crop images before you upload them. Add any filters you want, crop if necessary and write/post your image to your Facebook wall. You can only edit one picture at a time, but you can still upload multiple images to your wall.

Facebook 5.1 features fifteen different filters. It’s difficult to really see them on the screen so here are all the filters.

Depending on the image used, there may not be a dramatic change in the resulting photo that you upload to Facebook. Hopefully more creative filters will eventually be added to the iOS app.

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