How to watch Thanksgiving Day football on your mobile device

How to watch Thanksgiving Day football on your mobile device

Besides eating massive amounts of food, Thanksgiving Day is also know for an abundance of football. According to, there will be three football games this Thanksgiving Day. Between getting second and third servings of turkey and grandma’s stuffing, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy these games:

  • Packers vs Lions (12:30 PM ET on FOX)
  • Raiders vs Cowboys (4:30 PM ET on CBS)
  • Steelers vs Ravens (8:30 PM ET on NBC)

Each game will be broadcast on a different cable network, so theoretically, it should be easy to watch them on TV, but between talking to family and eating turkey, there’ll be moments when you’ll have to step away from the television set. Of course, you’ll still want to be kept up-to-date on scores and plays. This is where mobile apps come in.

There are apps for Android and iOS that, although may not let you watch each game in real-time, will keep you up-to-date on the status of each game.

NFL Mobile (Android/iOS)

NFL Mobile is the NFL’s official app. Providing a ton of info about each game, the app lets you follow your favorite team and receive updates of each team’s rankings. It’s probably the only app you really need to keep track of all the statistics of every NFL team, including scores and video highlights. If you’re big into fantasy football, you can also use NFL Mobile to take a look at how your team is doing.

NFL Mobile iOS

Unfortunately, the best feature of NFL Mobile is a premium one that’s only available through Version. The premium feature lets you stream live NFL games through the app, which is great if you aren’t at home but have Wi-Fi access through your mobile device. In short, NFL Mobile is a good option if want to stay on top of football games this Thanksgiving.

FOX Sports Mobile (Android/iOS)

The first football game this Thanksgiving season is between the Packers and Lions at 12.30PM ET. The FOX Sports app doesn’t show the game live, but it will have in-depth analysis of the game. There are scores and statistics that will be displayed in the app, and the FOX Sports app features a Live GameTrax which will keep you updated with the game.

FOX Sports Mobile iOS

CBS Sports (Android/iOS)

CBS is broadcasting the second game between the Raiders and the Cowboys at 4:30 PM ET. Like the FOX Sports app, CBS Sports doesn’t support actual live footage of the game, but it does support updated scores, stats, and news. You can also set up the app so that you get push notifications of game updates.

The app hosts more sports than just football, so if you want info on other leagues, this app will be a good addition to your app collection.

NBC Sports Live Extra (Android/iOS)

The final Thanksgiving Day football game is between the Steelers and the Ravens on NBC. NBC’s connected app NBC Sports Live Extra claims that you can watch games online for free, but the fine print actually indicates that you’ll need to have a cable provider account to access this feature. Basically, you have to have cable to watch anything through the app.

NBC Sports Live Extra iOS

In this case, watching the game through basic cable might be the best option, but kudos to you if you’re still awake after eating a huge meal and watching the previous two games.

Nothing beats the TV

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family, eat lots of food, and be lazy. Football is a great addition to the holiday, and with three games starting from the early afternoon, the typical Thanksgiving Day traditions will be complete.

The mobile apps work well to fill in gaps between plays, but without a premium account or cable subscription, you’ll be limited to updates without live streaming coverage.

Best case scenario, is that you can sit in front of the TV with your family to eat, have meaningful conversations, and of course, watch a lot of football.


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