Hulu Plus joins Chromecast apps list

Hulu Plus joins Chromecast apps list

The limited number of apps at the launch of the Chromecast still exists months after the device launched. The core apps at launch were Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, and Netflix.

Developers found a lot of other services within the SDK like HBO Go, Pandora, Vimeo, and Amazon Instant Video that shows potential support, but hasn’t resulted in more apps updating to cast to the dongle.

Now, Hulu Plus has updated its Android and iOS iPad app to support the Chromecast. Like the other apps, you can push content from your device to the dongle which will take over an stream the selected media.

Hulu Plus does require a $7.99 subscription to use the service, much like Netflix, but now you can stream media over Wi-Fi to your television.

It’s unknown if other apps will update to support the device, but with two months since launch there’s still not a huge reason to need the Chromecast yet.

Source: Google Play Store

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