Hungry yet? The best recipe software around

Hungry yet? The best recipe software around

Tinkering around in the kitchen is one of my favorite hobbies, so recently I’ve been taking a look at the recipe software on Softonic. We’re trying not to swamp you with Holiday posts at the moment, so even though you could use the fantastic apps I’ve unearthed for…say…a big meal that might be coming up in the next two weeks, I’m not going to flog a dead turkey.


Let’s start with the best – my favorite is undoubtedly Living Cookbook. If you want to add recipes, plan dinners, make shopping lists or become the next James Beard, this is the app to let you do it. It’s easy to use, has more features than you’re ever likely to need, and comes ready-packed with loads of delicious recipes, so you can get cooking straight away.

If you’re after recipes rather than organizational muscle, take a look at the imaginatively named Recipe Cookbook. It deserves a mention for sheer eccentricity, and if you are looking for the best in Norwegian cookery, it should be your first stop. Don’t worry though, because it’s also packed full of traditional recipes, and with more than 2,000 (and space to add your own), you’re sure to find something tasty.

Apart from its great name, ChickenPing is one of the slickest free recipe apps around. It’s got a great customizable database, and best of all, you can create a virtual pantry to record the actual food you have in your kitchen. That means that it’s easy to search for recipes that specifically use up the food you already have. The only problem with ChickenPing is that it doesn’t come preloaded with any recipes, so best download it when you’re not too hungry.


What if you prefer to let someone else to do the cooking? If you like to eat out a lot, give Restaurant Savant a try, This program allows you to record the details of meals you’ve had in fancy (and not so fancy) restaurants, describing the food and adding your verdict, maps and even photos. Better still, it allows you to share the records with your friends, so they’ll be able to check it out too. Be warned though; they may not always agree!

Happy Eating!

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