Identify duplicate music files in your library with Similarity

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to store their entire music collection digitally. With the ability to purchase entire albums in one easy click, it’s not hard to see how quickly you can amass files in your library. Unless you’re super organized (or don’t mind a mess, alternatively), it’s easy to end up with an incoherent jumble of music in your library quite quickly.

One of the most common problems is ending up with multiple music files of the same song. Maybe you originally burned the song from an actual CD and later purchased it online. Whatever the case, these duplicate files add clutter to your music library and can be a pain to search out on your own. That’s where Similarity, a duplicate music file finder, can be quite helpful.

Similarity searches through your music files and locates duplicates in short order. You can search by song name and also search by the actual sound of each music file. Once identical or similar-sounding music files are located, you can either choose to rename them or delete them entirely. Whatever the choice, Similarity is a godsend for anyone who wants to take control of their messy music library and get it organized quickly and efficiently.

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