If you struggled with trigonometry, this malware can be your worst nightmare

Between sine and cosine, they slipped in the tangent.

If you struggled with trigonometry, this malware can be your worst nightmare
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Trigonometry was one of the few words that could terrify a high school student, and now it can also be terrifying for those who might suffer a malware attack on their computer. A new malware is capable of bypassing security alarms by using trigonometric calculations in its commands, allowing it to mimic a human who naturally handles the device.

This malware, capable of stealing all kinds of personal information, including banking data or cryptocurrency wallets, used this ingenious method to evade security barriers and freely operate within the attacked PC. Detecting it hasn’t been easy, but it’s now listed as a dangerous malware to avoid.

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A malware that sets the standard

This malware would be LummaC2, and by bypassing computer security mechanisms, it’s capable of stealing information such as tracking cookies, passwords, banking data, cryptocurrencies, and any compromising content available within your device. It’s a tool used by many cybercriminals and is challenging to detect due to the trigonometric calculations it employs to simulate human-like mouse behavior.

The earliest records of this malware date back to December 2022, suggesting that this tool had been conducting cyber attacks for a maximum of one year. This also showcases the constant adaptation of malware to different security measures to evade them and continue carrying out illicit actions.

It’s important to have healthy habits in cybersecurity

The importance of cybersecurity

“Cybersecurity has always been one of the most crucial aspects of computer development. However, in today’s times, where digital commerce is exponentially advancing year after year, it has become an indispensable point where profound advancements have been made, especially considering the network security compared to what existed ten years ago. Yet, threats also evolve to continue seeking loopholes in security.

That’s why nowadays there are all sorts of resources to largely prevent these types of attacks. For instance, avoiding using applications that don’t encrypt data on their servers, such as Sunbird and Nothing Chats, which are already addressing the serious issue detected. Another aspect lies in habits, such as using different passwords or employing secure password managers that allow indirect entry of keys.”

Daniel García

Daniel García

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