If you want to play the update for The Last of Us Part 2, you’ll have to pay

Naughty Dog actualiza su última gran producción para PlayStation 5. El coste de la actualización será de 10 euros para los poseedores de la edición de PS4.

If you want to play the update for The Last of Us Part 2, you’ll have to pay
Nacho Requena Molina

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We’ve had a few days with a feeling that there might be an update for The Last of Us Part 2. In fact, to be fair, there have been rumors for almost a year now, but it wasn’t until these last few weeks that we’ve been getting increasingly strong details, leading to its official confirmation just a few hours ago.

PlayStation has announced that The Last of Us Part 2 will have an update for PlayStation 5. This new “version” features new display modes, including native 4K resolution. Beyond that, Naughty Dog has also added some additional content, such as levels that were discarded from the original production, new costumes, a free guitar mode (to play outside the story), implementation with the DualSense controller, and a Roguelike mode. In this last addition, the player will have to face different hordes of infected and unlock equipment, a characteristic of the genre.

Unfortunately, this update will not be free; you will have to pay to enjoy it. To be precise, it will cost 10 euros if you already have the PlayStation 4 version, while if you don’t own the game, you can always purchase a version for PS5 or even a special edition called The Last of Us 2 Remastered W.L.F Edition.

This latest version includes a metal case with the physical game, a set of real cards that appear in the game digitally, a Washington Liberation Front patch, and a set of pins. The price of this edition has not been disclosed, but everything points to it costing at least 79.99 euros (the standard price for Sony releases, although being a special edition, it is likely to be higher).

Needless to say, it’s not the first time – nor will it be the last – that PlayStation charges for an update of a game to PS5, so it wasn’t unexpected.

All of this will be available starting January 19, 2024. Our advice is simple: if you don’t have The Last of Us 2, buy it now on PS4, which is just under 30 euros, and then upgrade to PS5. You’ll save quite a bit of money.

The last of Us 2

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29 € 39 €

And all said and done: play it, no matter what.

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