Improve your monitor’s performance

Give your PC a thorough screen testRiddle me this – what do you look at for hours every day but can never touch? Your computer monitor, of course. And while it’s not advisable to physically put your greasy mits all over it, there is plenty you can do behind the scenes to get your screen looking all clean and sparkly. With the help of a few pieces of software it’s possible to repair imperfections and get a clearer window to your dekstop.

Start by installing what I call a ‘monitor monitor’, such as Passmark MonitorTest. This app investigates the quality and performance of your device, using a series of specially designed images to analyse your visuals. If your screen needs adjusting you don’t necessarily need to cough up for an expensive solution. QuickGamma is a free tool that lets you optimise your gamma settings on the fly, to match the recommended Windows gamma of 2.2.

Dodgy pixels are a common afflication of many computer screens, but it doesn’t haven’t to be this way. UDPixel helps you detect and fix dead pixels on your LCD display. You’ll need to let the program run for a couple of hours first, but once it’s detected imperfections it’s usually able to completely correct them. One final monitor tool that’s handy if you use multiple monitors is UltraMon. The software provides you with a series of tools for maximising windows across more than one desktop and contains multi-monitor support for wallpapers and screensavers.

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