Improve Your Sound Quality in iTunes

Improve Your Sound Quality in iTunes

Did you know that you can easily improve the sound quality in iTunes? Check out these tips to learn just how easy it is to make your media sound better than ever:

Use the Sound Enhancer

One of the easiest ways to improve sound in iTunes is to use the Sound Enhancer. This can be found in the Preferences Menu under Playback. Sound Enhancer is a simple scroll bar that can be adjusted from low to high, and it essentially adds more depth by adjusting bass and treble levels automatically as well as stereo mixing. You can also tick the Sound Check box to ensure that all songs play at an even volume.

The Equalizer Offers Greater Control

While Sound Enhancer is simple, some iTunes users may want greater control over levels. For these users, iTunes offers an Equalizer that contains various sliders for different frequencies. Using the Equalizer, you can manually adjust specific frequencies to your liking. Want more bass but less treble? You can make it happen in the Equalizer.

Get Better Sound at the Source

When you rip a CD in iTunes, you have options regarding the file format output and the quality of the file. By choosing a lower bit rate at which to rip, you’ll save on space, but the sound quality of the file will be diminished. Likewise, if you choose a higher bit rate or a lossless format, you’ll have much better sound quality at the expensive of a larger file size. Which option you choose is up to you, but if you want the best sound possible from iTunes, choose a lossless file format.

Your Speakers Matter

Although not specific to iTunes, the speakers or headphones you use can make a big difference in sound quality. While you may be fine with an inexpensive pair of headphones from a discount store, you won’t get the full effect of your music without quality gear. In addition, you might consider purchasing a 5.1 surround sound system in order to really feel the bass.

Run Your Audio Through External Processing Equipment

If you’re really into audio technology, you might even consider running your audio through processing equipment, like compressors and pre-amps. This may take a big of extra time and can be expensive, but by running your audio output through processing equipment, you’re bound to get better sound that you can have tighter control over.

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