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Instagram users anonymous questions

Anonymity. The onset of social networks has simultaneously stripped us of our privacy while also creating a legion of anonymous internet trolls. Under the cloak of anonymity, they spill their bile all over the internet without fear of recrimination. Twitter is awash with so much hate that there are even browser extensions out there to block all the anonymous nonsense out. It seems that when we think we’re saying things anonymously, we make things a little spicier than we usually would.

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Users on Instagram both proved this reality to be true and were caught out in the process this week. Instagram has rolled out some new interactive features for its Snapchat copying Stories feature. Users can now ask questions as a part of their Instagram Story. The thing is, the answers to these questions are not anonymous. Whoever asked the question can see who answers it. A lot of Instagram users didn’t know this, however, and answered as if nobody was looking. Ever since they’ve been taking to Twitter publicly to talk about their embarrassment. Check out some of the best (and worst) Tweets below:

It isn’t all bile, however, sometimes anonymity allows us to say those things that were too scared to say. Our heart wants to sing, but our fearful brain holds us back. In those moments, anonymity can give us an opportunity to say what we’ve always wanted to say.

We’re with you Ty, you wholesome meme of a man. The only question left now, is what happened next?


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