Instagram to finally allow Reels downloads “with-in” the application

Instagram to finally allow Reels downloads “with-in” the application
Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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Instagram’s lead Adam Mosseri, has just dropped a major bombshell: now, anyone, anywhere on the globe, can easily download public Reels straight to their devices. No more dealing with the old way of saving Reels only within the Instagram app. Now, you don’t need to hunt for third-party tools or external websites to get your hands on Instagram Reels!

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How to get Instagram Reels

Mosseri breaks it down – it’s as simple as a few taps. Just hit the share button and choose the download option to stash a Reel directly to your device. But here’s the catch: downloaded Reels will have an Instagram watermark showing off the account name. It’s a move you’ve seen on other short video platforms like TikTok.

Worried about privacy? Instagram’s got your back. Account holders can turn off the download feature for their Reels in a snap:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Privacy
  3. Select Reels and Remix
  4. Flip the switch on “Allow people to download your Reels.”

Now, onto the common concern about copyrighted music in downloaded Reels. Mosseri clears the air – if a Reel rocks licensed audio, the downloaded video will be audio-free. Why? It ensures the folks who make the music get their fair share. By muting the audio in downloaded Reels with licensed tunes, Instagram sticks to its promise of supporting artists and labels.

Let’s not forget Instagram’s massive presence. With over a billion monthly users, it’s not just an app – it’s a digital world where everyone shares their lives. From influencers to your neighbor, Instagram’s popularity is rock-solid. Features like Reels downloads only add more fuel to Instagram’s fame fire.

In a world where sharing is everything, Instagram‘s latest move promises to amp up your experience and keep the platform at the cutting edge of social media. So, get ready to tap away and dive into the world of Instagram Reels, now at your fingertips like never before!

Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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