IObit Software Updater: Update all your programs with one click

IObit Software Updater: Update all your programs with one click
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The system utilities and security software provider IObit just launched a program that can update all your obsolete programs with one click. It’s called IObit Software Updater, and it not only updates your programs quickly and securely but also installs the essential Windows programs you can’t do without.

IObit Software Updater is a free program, free from advertisements and very easy to use. The program sends you reminders to update important programs as soon as the developers launch a new version. This tool also gives you the option of ignoring unwanted updates.

It’s all possible in a single step, so you’ll save lots of time and work.

Easy and secure updates

The program is designed to make the updating process very simple. For example, it lets you schedule automatic updates at the most convenient times for you. The system will shut down and/or restart your computer automatically once the update is finished. It even lets you update several programs at once.

Once the updating process is finished, IObit Software Updater automatically eliminates the installation package to free up system space, so you don’t have to worry about filling up your computer with files that use memory. It can even update programs in the background, so nothing will interrupt your flow of work.
Besides making things easier for you, IObit Software Updater guarantees your updates are secure since all have passed strict testing prior to installation.

More than 100 essential programs

Thanks to IObit Software Updater, you can install more than 100 essential Windows programs, including browsers, office applications, security software, and useful tools. This tool has a large database to guarantee that you won’t miss any essential program, and it’s organized by category to make it easy to search for them.

In this database, you’ll find browsers, security, social media, multimedia, runtime, utilities and tools to install instantly, with a single click, and there are no annoying ads or malware risks.

When you want to update or install specific software, you can find it easily by performing a simple search by category or by name and selecting one or several programs to be installed at the same time.

For all these reasons, IObit Software Updater will become an essential tool on our computers. “It’s the best way to update your obsolete Windows software,” says Bing Wang, Product Director at IObit, who explains that with this tool, “you don’t need to update all the programs on the developer’s website.”

Bing Wang also points out that the IObit Software Updater is a reliable tool for installing essential Windows programs, “especially when users get a new computer or restore, reformat or update their computer.”

This tool joins IObit’s extensive catalog of system utilities for Windows, MAC and Android OS, which help to improve operating performance and protect our computers and mobile devices against security threats
IObit Software Updater is compatible with Windows 10, 8 /8.1, 7, XP and Vista.

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