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IObit Software Updater is even stronger with its third release

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If you’ve never heard of IObit Software Updater, now’s a great time to download the helpful free software. And if you’ve been a regular user, you’ll want to redownload the program. The reason for both is the same: Version 3 has just been released and now it’s an even more powerful and comprehensive software management tool than it’s been before.

What is IObit Software Updater 3?

Before we tell you about what’s new, we thought you should know a little about the program’s capabilities. 

IObit Software Updater is a light yet effective program that can be installed on any computer running Windows (10, 8/8.1, XP or Vista). It operates in the background to automatically keep your applications up-to-date, so that you never miss a critical release that might bring more stability to your machine, or offer enhanced features. 

Software UpdaterIObit Software Updater also ensures that any new software you download is a correct and clean version for your operating system – and not a version that might be a scam or one filled with ads or bundleware. The program also helps you navigate the complicated world of software options by categorizing trusted downloads into distinct categories. So, instead of combing the web and reading dozens of reviews, you can simply pull up the category in IObit Software Updater (for example, for social, multimedia or remote work tools) and download the program that sounds best for your needs.

software updaterFinally, IObit Software Updater allows you full control over which programs are auto-updated and which aren’t. This allows you to keep a version of a program that might suit your needs better than a newer option, while choosing to have the very latest releases of other programs.

software updater

What’s new?

When IObit Software Updater was last updated to version 2, it included a 180% increase in the amount of software it could monitor, download and keep up to date. Now, with the release of IObit Software Updater 3, this database has been increased another 150% – meaning that the program’s capabilities have increased over 300% since its initial release. This is quite a commitment for a company to make in a free software tool.

Also improved in this version is the amount of time it takes to download new programs and updates. This too has been ramped up by 150% over version two.

Software Updater“IObit Software Updater 3 is a very light and simple tool for those who want to install or update software for their Windows computers”, said Bing Wang, Product Director at IObit. “Through the program, users can get the most popular software with a few clicks. IObit Software Updater 3 saves users’ time and effort and keeps their computer away from bundleware, infected installers, and annoying ads while installing or updating software.”

While IObit Software Updater 3 is quite robust as freeware, users can also upgrade to a paid option for a discounted price of $10.00. This allows users to schedule software updates, access 24/7 customer support, and it removes the ads that come with the free version. A smart strategy would be to start with the free version and upgrade if it turns out you need or want the expanded functionality – or if you find the ads too distracting.

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