Apple’s iOS 16.2 better integrates weather with news

Apple’s iOS 16.2 better integrates weather with news
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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News and weather integration is nothing new in the Apple ecosystem. However, iOS 16.2 is taking this integration to a new level, with more relevant news stories accompanying your weather reports


As 9to5Mac reports, ‘The next time you check the forecast in Apple’s Weather app, you might be greeted with a bit of news. Apple has added News integration for regional weather stories to the Weather app in the beta release of iOS 16.2.’ 

For example, if you live in New York and head into your dedicated iOS weather app, you may also find the latest news affecting New York in the same interface. This could come in the form of links to relevant news articles about the weather or other relevant news in general. In other places with more severe weather, like Mississippi and Alabama, you may even come across emergency news courtesy of Fox Weather about possible weekend tornado touchdowns. 

Weather and news integration has already been mastered by other tech corporations. Microsoft’s MSN on Windows 11, for example, will serve up relevant news articles relating to weather reports if you hit the weather in the bottom left-hand side of the screen. In fact, Windows 11 will provide you with local and global news, as well as the latest sporting event results depending on your region. 

Google already has these features built into its Google News utility, available on all Android devices. Therefore, we can propose that Apple is actually a little late to the party with this specific feature. Although, we need to keep in mind that Apple was the first to include weather and news in its operating systems. 

iOS 16.2 better integrates weather with news

Unfortunately, wherever there’s innovation, ads seem to follow, and Apple’s newest integration may not be an exception. Apple already feeds users ads in the News app. Even if you have a News+ subscription, you’ll see ads interspersed between your news items. There’s no reason to believe that the new feature will be any different, but we can hope. 

In other news, It looks like iPhone users will soon need to invest in new chargers.

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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