Ahead of the Curve: Leaked iOS 17 Information Teases Interactive Widgets and More!

New Health app, Camera improvements, more personalization...

Ahead of the Curve: Leaked iOS 17 Information Teases Interactive Widgets and More!
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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Beyond the rumors about this year’s new phones, the iPhone 15, right now the focus of expectation is on iOS 17. The operating system of our iPhone is about to take a qualitative leap forward with the presentation of the new version at WWDC 2023 next June.

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The news comes from Twitter, where a source, who in the past had already leaked correct details about the Dynamic Island before its unveiling, has given several details. These include improvements to the always-on display, better performance, Control Center changes, etc.

Many improvements and, for sure, many surprises

As always, it is important to remember that leaks are basically just that: leaks. In this sense, it is best to take the information with caution, as the development of operating systems is something very internal in Cupertino and we rarely know too many details before its launch. That said, the list of leaked improvements is as follows:

  1. Performance, efficiency, stability: these will be the main features of the update. Although the first betas are likely to be unstable on devices with 3 GB of RAM, such as the standard iPad, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the situation is expected to improve as the development process progresses.
  2. Control Center changes: the Control Center will undergo significant changes to the user interface and customization options, allowing us to adapt it to our needs and preferences.
  3. Dynamic Island enhancements: to boost iPhone 15 sales, more features will be added to Dynamic Island, giving users a richer and more interactive experience.
  4. Always On Display: more configuration options will be added for the Always On Display, improving customization and control over its appearance.
  5. More Focus Modes: more filtering options will be added to the Focus Mode settings.
  6. Changes to Notifications: notifications will receive additional settings and options in the settings to provide a more personalized and orderly experience.
  7. Custom accessibility settings: with several new features and options that will allow full control over the user interface. A change designed to make it easier for older users or young children to use the device according to their needs.
  8. Interactive widgets: although not yet confirmed, interactive widgets are among the tests. These would bring buttons, sliders and more, making widgets more dynamic and functional.
  9. CarKey enhancements: improvements to CarKey and more vehicle implementations will be added to the Wallet app, expanding the compatibility and functionality of this tool.
  10. Changes in the Health app: the user interface of the Health app will undergo changes, especially in the “Favorites” section.
  11. Camera app changes: although initially planned for the iPhone 14 Pro, improvements to the Camera app may only be available for the iPhone 15 and future versions, rather than all iOS 17 devices.
  12. Improved Search and Spotlight: Search and Spotlight will receive significant improvements to provide more accurate and faster results to users.
  13. New ARKit APIs and frameworks: iOS 17 will bring with it a huge number of new ARKit APIs and frameworks to drive the development of augmented reality apps and experiences on Apple devices.

On the other hand, about compatibility, the source claims that iOS 17 will be compatible with all iPhone models that were already compatible with iOS 16. This includes all devices with “A11 Bionic” chip such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. As for iPads with A9 and A10 Fusion chips, it is still unclear whether they will receive the update to iPadOS 17. The final decision will be made in 3-4 weeks after QA testing.

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All in all, a long list of new features that can really change -and a lot- what we can do with our iPhone. As we said at the beginning, we can’t take anything for granted until Apple presents the update, but until then we have a good amount of reasons to think that this is going to be a great update.

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