J-Lo’s pregancy software pack

Don't panic about your pregnacy JenAfter months of speculation Jennifer Lopez has finally revealed that she’s expecting a baby. As a 39-year old full-time singing diva the Latin love goddess is going to need all the help she can get in order to raise the tot, who I just call ‘Wail-Lo’. Luckily, Jenny needn’t even get out of her chair (she probably has people to do this for her anyway) because there are lots of PC tools to download that can help her prepare for being a mum.

  • Weight Tracker – If I know J-Lo, she’ll be up all night worrying about what the pregnancy is doing to her figure and how she’s going to get into those catsuits. Calm down dear because this program will help you keep track of your weight, monitoring sugar readings, diet, exercise and the like.
  • WorkPause – Now that you have a bun in the oven Jen you need to make sure you avoid burn-out from working too much. This neat application will help prevent you spending too much time at your PC doing your accounts or downloading P. Diddy songs.
  • Carrie the Caregiver – If you want to get properly prepared for the rigours of motherhood then have a crack at this game. You assume the role of a nanny who has to keep the babies healthy and happy until they go home with their parents. That means feeding, cleaning, nurturing and other thoroughly unpleasant stuff.
  • Random Names – Hopefully you’re not so indecisive about names as your former squeeze Piff Puff Poof Diddy Daddy, so choose one from this random name generator and stick to it. Just don’t use mine. That’s taken.
  • Baby Shield – In his early years your little mite is going to get awfully restless while he’s chilling in his crib. He’ll get to the stage where he wants to fiddle with everything, including your computer. Prevent him from accidentally deleting those cleverly concocted lyrics for your next album by installing this keyboard locking tool.
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