John Cena Gets Emotional Over Being Recognized as WWE Legend

WWE living legend returned for his 20th anniversary

John Cena Gets Emotional Over Being Recognized as WWE Legend
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

The wrestling legend turned Hollywood megastar returned to familiar ground on last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, making his comeback in Boston just weeks before WrestleMania 39.


The TD Garden erupted with an outpouring of love for the 16-time world champion, and as he took the stage to make his entrance he held his hands to his face, he was emotional.

He appeared teary-eyed as he soaked in the roar of the crowd, and referred to his old friend and cameraman before running down the ramp.


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John Cena returns to the ring

He didn’t have much time to enjoy the moment, however, as he was interrupted almost immediately by United States Champion Austin Theory.

The title holder challenged the legendary wrestler to a match next month, but before he accepted, he was verbally eviscerated by one of the greatest of all time. I wish Bad Bunny had been there.

Cena insisted that the rising star was not ready for this level of combat, branding him a wannabe and exposing his perceived shortcomings to the world.

Theory countered, mocking the 45-year-old star’s bald head, to which he responded, “I’d rather be bald than have fake crowd noises put in my matches because no one cares.”

His rival, the youngest United States Champion in WWE history, then accused the beloved performer of giving up and turning his back on the fans.

Cena responded, “I may not care about you, but I will never give up on them. Remember this moment, you just made the biggest mistake of your life.”

For anyone who doesn’t currently place John Cena, he is one of Hollywood’s biggest actors of the moment, with his role in the DC Universe as The Peacemaker being his most media-worthy character to date.


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