LinkedIn rolls out new reaction buttons

LinkedIn rolls out new reaction buttons
Jacob Yothment

Jacob Yothment

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Taking a cue from Facebook, LinkedIn introduced a feature allowing users to react to posts. The change was announced in a recent blog post from LinkedIn. 

LinkedIN reactions


Along with the normal “Like,” users can now label a post as “Love,” “Curious,” Insightful,” and “Celebrate.” 

The reactions will be available for all users on desktop and mobile in the coming months.

“People come to LinkedIn every day to discover what’s happening in their professional communities and talk to one another about topics and ideas related to their work,” Cissy Chen wrote in the blog post. “These conversations cover a wide range, whether it’s discussing industry news, celebrating a company milestone, giving advice on someone’s job search journey, or sharing thoughts on important workplace topics like being a working parent. That’s why today we’re starting to roll out a set of reactions on LinkedIn, giving you more ways to quickly and constructively communicate with one another.”

When will I use these?

More often than naught, you probably aren’t going to need to take “Love” out of its holster. As you want to maintain professionalism on LinkedIn, “Like” is probably your go-to.

LinkedIn reactions

“Curious” on the other hand is a wonderful new tool. Jobs are posted on LinkedIn all the time, and the “Curious” reaction would be a great option to express your interest. The job poster now can sift through the reactions, and private message everyone who reacted “Curious” with details on the job.

LinkedIn has been known to be a home for humble-bragging. Most of your LinkedIn notifications are probably your connections announcing a new job or a milestone in their career. Now, rather than just offering a mere “like,” you can use the “celebrate” reaction to offer a bit more emotion and praise.

“Insightful” sounds… interesting. The idea is that you’d use it when someone posts something thought-provoking. Basically, next time your old college friend posts an article about the shift to working remotely, you have another way to express your thoughts.

LinkedIn is a great tool to help post and find jobs. If these reations can help both of those processes, we’re all for them.

Jacob Yothment

Jacob Yothment

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