Lookout for Android adds ‘Signal Flare’ feature for better device tracking

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lookout iconThe mobile security experts at Lookout have completely overhauled their Android application. On top of a complete redesign, Lookout also added some features to make your phone more secure.

The most notable addition to Lookout Mobile Security for Android is the new ‘Signal Flare‘ feature, which forces a lost or stolen phone with low battery power to send out its location before it dies. This allows users to know the last known location of the phone before it runs out of juice. This is great for when you’ve misplaced your phone with low power. If your phone has been stolen, Signal Flare will will most likely not help as much.

Let’s take a look at the other new features in Lookout Mobile Security for Android.

A threat that was recently discovered on some devices is a dialer code could be executed if a user tapped on a nefarious web link. The hidden code would execute a command via the dialer to wipe the phone. While no information is stolen, this exploit can cause major headaches.

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Lookout has added functionality to its app to detect these types of codes and will stop them from being executed. The ‘Safe Dialer’ feature will scan phone numbers and web links for this type of malicious code.

On top of these new features, Lookout has redesigned their Android application. It complies with the design standards that Google has in place for Android apps and it looks gorgeous. Lookout didn’t redesign the app just so it could be pretty, but because they wanted users to know what was going on with their phone at all times. There is a new ‘newsfeed’ on the main interface that gives updates about what the app has been up to, giving users a more transparent experience.

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If you have Lookout Mobile Security installed on your Android phone, make sure to update it today. For those who don’t have Lookout installed, be sure to read our full review here.

Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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