Manage desktop wallpapers on dual monitors

I’ve had a great day today at the office: my three-year-old Dell has been replaced by a brand new Intel Core Duo machine with two monitors. Like every time you buy a new computer or install a new operating system, I’ve spent a while configuring and tweaking the system, installing my favorite apps and customizing Windows settings. But the one thing that has caught my attention above all is my dual monitor. It’s the first time I have had two monitors on a computer and I must say I love it. It’s great to have so much space, especially when you need to work with a bunch of apps at the same time.

But leaving productivity aside, the main question I had was how to manage wallpapers on a dual monitor system. Can you have a different image on each one of them? How do you stretch a single photo between both screens? The answer is DisplayFusion, an excellent wallpaper manager that’s been specifically developed to work with two screens.

Manage desktop wallpapers on dual monitors

With DisplayFusion you can choose between having a single background image stretched over the two monitors or using a different image for each one of them. You can also set the alignment and the background color for each monitor. The program features a preview window where you can see how the selected image or images will look on the two monitors.

DisplayFusion also includes a built-in photo search tool that retrieves images from Flickr according to your keywords. But if you don’t find any photo you like, don’t worry: check out Dual Screen Wallpaper for a excellent collection of desktop wallpapers designed for dual monitor systems.

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