Manage your iPod in Winamp’s library

iPod Plug-in for WinampThis is not the first time we cover iPod applications on this blog. We already analyzed the great Yamipod and also gathered a top list with iPod tools. But this is definitely one of the most original iPod tools I’ve stumbled upon. It’s called iPod Plug-in for Winamp and it’s exactly what its name states: a plug-in for Winamp that enables you to manage your iPod.

After installing this plug-in, you’ll see a new item in Winamp’s Media Library. Yes, that’s your iPod! Click on its name and you’ll see the iPod’s contents, conveniently organized by categories and ready to be played on Winamp itself. In fact, you can use tracks on your iPod as if they were on your hard drive.

But that’s not all. iPod Plug-in for Winamp also includes tool to synchronize contents between the computer and the iPod, rate songs, autofill the iPod with random songs and of course, copy files from the iPod to the PC and viceversa.

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