Mark Your Territory: Using Watermarks in Format Factory

Mark Your Territory: Using Watermarks in Format Factory

If you have created a photograph or other image and want to assure that no one else steals it or takes credit for your work, your best protection is a watermark. Watermarks are your signature on your work as well as a built-in anti-theft device. For the up-and-coming photographer or videographer, a watermark can be the one thing standing in the way of losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your work, or worse, having someone steal the credit for your talent and effort.

Below is a simple guide to creating watermarks in Format Factory to help ensure that no one can use your media for their own gain:

Creating Watermarks on Images in Format Factory

Install and open the Format Factory program. Select the photo or image you wish to watermark. Go to the section Output Settings. Choose the settings you prefer, such as the signature, logo, and size. Next, click on the logo to create the watermark. Position the logo or signature to be used as a watermark where you want it to be on the photo or image. Then click OK and press Start for Format Factory to process the image.

Creating Watermarks on Videos

Start Format Factory and choose the video format you wish to use. Drag and drop the video in the box across the top of the window. Next, change the render settings to those you wish to use. Now click on Add Watermark. When you have finished setting your watermark, click the Start button and Format Factory will complete the processing for you.

Other Uses for Format Factory

Though there are several other programs available to watermark photos, images, and videos, Format Factory is totally free and is capable of doing many other handy things besides watermarking.

For example, you can use Format Factory to convert your videos from one format to the other or even to rip DVDs and make copies of your work for your friends and family or to sell at your next trade show or gig. You can use it to extract audio or video from a CD or DVD and store it on your computer. Perhaps the best part is that you would be hard pressed to find a format (video, audio, photo, or image) that Format Factory isn’t able to support.

Don’t forget to look into K-Lite Codec Pack for additional video processing power!

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