Meta continues to create synergies between WhatsApp and Instagram

Soon you will be able to upload your WhatsApp statuses as Instagram stories.

Meta continues to create synergies between WhatsApp and Instagram
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Meta, the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg, continues to work on offering improvements in each of the applications it makes available to users. In fact, WhatsApp already has betas in which improvements in the synergies between the messaging application and Instagram are being experimented with, making it easier to share content.

While WhatsApp’s main value lies in being a tool to chat with anyone you want, it also has an increasingly widespread social factor: its statuses (which are similar to Instagram stories), broadcast channels, improvements for groups… that’s why, with the goal of improving interactions between the two applications, it is important for WhatsApp and Instagram to improve this aspect.

Share WhatsApp content to Instagram

As some testers have explained to Wabetainfo, this new beta has as its main novelty the possibility of sharing as an Instagram story the content as a Status that you have published on WhatsApp, giving you the option to share the content simultaneously on both social networks without the need to navigate through Instagram to share the same content as on WhatsApp.

As in many other occasions, it is a low-caliber improvement that, despite its simplicity, can become an extremely useful tool for those who are interested in sharing the same content on different social networks. Thus, Meta can take advantage of its position as the owner of both applications to improve direct interactions between these two services.

WhatsApp will soon have better connections to share content to Instagram

Meta’s Roadmap

Meta is working at multiple levels across all its platforms. While in WhatsApp, satisfied with the success of the channels, they are now aiming for a lower profile for the news feed, they also strive to keep the video format strong on Facebook compared to its young competitors, and Instagram is now immersed in its Threads branch, which is finally available in Europe after over 6 months of adjustments to its legal policies to operate in European territory.

Therefore, it can be appreciated that Meta, currently, is in a quite advantageous position within social networks and, without major competitors apart from TikTok and YouTube, everything points to the company continuing to be a reference in social networks in the short and medium term.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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