Microsoft SkyDrive is available for Android

Microsoft SkyDrive is available for Android

We previously highlighted Microsoft’s update of Skydrive with the eventual release of the Android app. Microsoft released SkyDrive for Android today and it is now available to devices running Android 2.3 and higher. This means that users with Gingerbread and above can access their SkyDrive account from their Android devices.

While the desktop version uses the tile-based user interface, the Android app supports a grid or list layout. The header contains the new visual design, but the actual user interface is a little unfriendly.

Since SkyDrive for Android syncs with your cloud storage, any changes you make on the desktop show. But you can’t move files in the Android app to different folders, you can only download or upload them.

SkyDrive is a decent cloud-based storage system, but the lack of options leaves it as a bare bones file manager and not something that can truly enhance your productivity. The app is sure to see updates before Windows 8 officially launches in October.

Read the full review of SkyDrive on Softonic.

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