Microsoft Street Slide, a new way to browse maps

Microsoft is currently working on a new way to present street views when browsing a certain area in Bing Maps. The so-called Street Slide View allows users to move along the street in a long, linear image composed by hundreds of static pictures, just as if you were looking at the street from a far away perspective.

According to Microsoft, the problem with street-level map browsing is that you jump from panorama to panorama – or, as they say, from bubble to bubble – which is perfect for panning and zooming on certain areas, but not so comfortable to walk along the street. Slide Street solves this problem, enabling you to zoom out your location, move along the whole street from end to end, and zoom in again into a specific panorama. You’ll probably get the idea better if you watch the video.

Microsoft Street Slide View is not available yet, but it would certainly be great to see it implemented soon in Bing Maps.

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