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Best mindfulness and meditation apps

When you’re stuck inside life can feel it’s getting on top of you. The days start melding into one and it gets harder to recognize when one ends, and another begins. This means if you’re going to be inside for a prolonged period of time you need to protect your mental health and stay on top of your mindfulness.

Fortunately, there is a slew of apps available for Android smartphones and tablets, and Apple iPhones and iPads that can help you manage meditation sessions and teach you mindfulness techniques. You can add these apps to your smartphone and then you’re good to go. Performing just one meditation session a day will help you remain calm and grounded in even the most adverse of situations. If you think one a day is too much, don’t worry. Many of these apps offer adjustable schedules and can work around the pressures your day-to-day life puts on you. Download any of the best meditation apps today and start looking after yourself.

Meditation and mindfulness apps

These meditation and mindfulness apps will help you maintain your mental health even during stressful and difficult times.


Aura app

Aura is a mindfulness meditation app that is more like your own personal mindfulness and meditation guru. The app was created by prominent therapists, self-help gurus, and meditation teachers and offers users daily micro-meditations that can help level your mind. What’s great about these micro-meditations is that they only last 3 minutes each, meaning you can add some mental health-boosting meditation practices into your day no matter how busy you are.

Other great features in the Aura app include a mood and emotions journal, a thankfulness and gratitude journal, and extra daily meditation challenges and games. These challenges build up your skills day after day helping you learn and develop your meditation techniques further. Another cool Aura feature is the relaxing sounds playlist that includes lots of soothing tracks taken from the outdoors and other general sounds of nature.




Calm is a great app that will introduce revolutionary calming techniques and exercises, and simple habits that will help destress and relax at even the worst of times. If you ever suffer anxiety or mild panic attacks, this award-winning app will help you develop the tools you need to regain control whenever you feel like things are getting away from you. The breathing techniques alone will help you a lot once you’ve mastered them.

Calm also has a special children’s section called Calm Kids, which focuses on specialized calming techniques and meditations for children aged 3-17. There’s also a very cool sleep-related section of the app where you access soothing Sleep Stories read aloud by a large number of famous celebrities known for their soothing voices. Even if you’re not looking for better sleep, having Matthew McConaughey read to you at night isn’t a bad thing.



Headspace is an app that has been helping you train yourself on how to live a healthier life. With a healthier body and mind comes a happier existence and that idea sits at the heart of Headspace. Like many of the apps in today’s list, Headspace does have a free version of its services that include special exercises and techniques that can help you get a solid grip on the basics of meditation. This makes Headspace an excellent first step for anybody hoping to work on their mental health who isn’t quite ready to splash out on expensive subscription services.

As well as guided meditation, Headspace also includes soothing sleep music tracks and relaxing nature sounds that can quickly add an air of serenity into your day. Headspace works best by analyzing a few answers you give to certain questions and then building you your own personalized mindfulness routine.

Headspace Download now

Simply Being

Simply Being is another excellent app for somebody new to the meditation and mindfulness space, who wants to try things out without committing to an expensive plan. It offers a great way in, giving users solid voice-guided meditations and courses that will help you maintain calmness and tranquillity in your daily life.

What’s also great about this very popular app is that offers meditations that are as short as five minutes, so there are no excuses for not being able to these very helpful routines into your routine. Sessions can go up to 30 minutes long too, giving you control over how much of your day you can give to your mental wellbeing. There are also soothing audio tracks for you too here and although the layout is a little rudimentary, everything here works smoothly and effectively. This is a very well-reviewed app for a reason.

Simply Being Download now

The Mindfulness app

mindfulness app

The name of our final app today says it all really. The Mindfulness App was developed by two Yoga specialists who were looking to help as many of the general public experience the benefits that can come with developing and maintain general mindfulness practices in day-to-day life. Again, this app also offers 3-minute micro-meditations making these benefits truly accessible to even the busiest of people.

The app also has soothing audio tracks and guided meditations. What’s great about this app is that it allows you to deactivate the narrator’s voice on certain meditation tracks, if you’re comfortable enough to it on your own. The Mindfulness App is another great option for anybody new to this stuff and offers a solid path of development for all rookies to follow.

The Mindfulness app Download now
Wrapping up

There you have five mindfulness apps that will help you exert more control over your mental health, even if you’re stuck in the house for long periods of time. Don’t worry about trying more than one of these apps. The key here is to go with what works best for you. It’s you’re body and your mind, so you’re the one in control here. Good luck with this. Namaste.

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