Minecraft Extreme Day 9: JuanSGuarnizo, also eliminated!

Minecraft Extreme Day 9: JuanSGuarnizo, also eliminated!
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

Once again, Minecraft Extreme had the lowest number of deaths: only 4 lives lost in the whole day. However, with those 4, 2 more streamers were eliminated, a good proof of the stage we are already at in the competition.

Beyond the casualties chapter -which is always the most fun to know, let’s not deny it-, Minecraft Extreme Day 9 left two very funny moments. The first one has to do with Ibai Llanos, who managed to catch the 1,000 fish he had as a “challenge” (and we put it in quotation marks), all dressed up in a fisherman’s jacket and hat. Likewise, there was a really curious moment when Karchez met a turtle… and it was carrying the name of Mbappé (the nickname given to the Paris Saint Germain and France striker is “Ninja Turtle”).

Most Viewed Minecraft Extreme Day 9

The ninth day of the series had small changes in the Spanish TOP 5, although the general trend remains the same:

  1. Auronplay: 115,800 peak viewers.
  2. Ibai Llanos: 95,500 viewers.
  3. Rubius: 57,600 viewers.
  4. Xokas: 24,500 viewers.
  5. Biyin: 10,765 viewers.

As the regular reader of these posts will have noticed, in this ranking we only include the Spanish streamers, since TVTOP only makes the TOP chart with them. However, this does not detract from the fact that in the Latin TOP 10 there are real records being beaten, such as ElSpreen with 158,000 viewers of maximum peak.

Minecraft Extreme Deaths Day 9

As we said in the first paragraph: this ninth day of Minecraft Extreme has been the one with the fewest deaths in the whole competition. Only 4 lives have been lost, although among them there have been 2 eliminations (the ratio is also the highest to date). Among them was the famous Mexican youtuber JuanSGuarnizo, who says goodbye to the competition. Likewise, another of the most watched youtubers, ElMariana, also leaves the series. Both had reached the ninth day with only 1 life.

With these 2 eliminations we have a total of 42 participants left. Let’s not forget that when 20 participants are reached, it will enter a Hunger Games format, although the days of the semifinals and finals are already stipulated. The deaths were as follows:

Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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