Modern Combat 5: Essential tips to become unbeatable

Modern Combat 5: Essential tips to become unbeatable

Modern Combat is back in its fifth installment, a free interpretation of Call of Duty for tablets and smartphones. I tested a preview of Modern Combat 5 (iOS | Android | Windows Phone | Windows 8) and discovered five tips to help you get off on the right foot, giving you the information you need to start playing the game and level up quickly.

Move at turbo speed

Like any FPS, mobility is one of the keys to success in Modern Combat 5. The game’s map being significantly smaller than that of a traditional FPS means stationary targets won’t last long. Avoid standing still as much as possible. Remain a moving target to make things harder for your enemies.

Modern Combat 5 Auto-Sprint

Enable the Auto-Sprint feature to automatically run

To increase your speed, go to the Options menu.  In the Adjust Controls section, you can enable the Auto-Sprint feature, which helps you move faster.

Return grenades

Like many other FPSs currently on the market, you can return grenades in Modern Combat 5. When an opponent sends this deadly little package flying your way, don’t hesitate. Press the dedicated shortcut button to pick up the grenade and return the favor.

Modern Combat 5

Keep the shortcut button for returning grenades at hand.

To be completely ready for an attack, change the location of the grenade button, as shown above. It’s the ideal solution to fend off an aggressive attack and cause significant damage to your enemies.

Adjust the controls

To be as quick a possible, it’s best to put the most frequently used buttons as close to your thumb as possible. To adjust the controls, go to the Options menu and click Custom HUD.

Modern Combat 5Place the buttons within reach of your thumbs to always have key functions at hand.

Do as many tests in offline mode as you need to so that you can figure out the optimal configuration for buttons. If you don’t know which buttons to prioritize, take a look at the photo above and reproduce what I’ve already tried.

Boost accuracy

In multiplayer mode, precision is just as important as speed of execution. The sensitivity of your aim can be the difference between victory or a crushing defeat. Auto aim and auto shoot are disabled in multiplayer, so you’ll need to rely on your skills to hit all your targets.

Modern Combat 5

Use these settings to put the odds on your side.

Fortunately, Modern Combat 5 gives you the possibility to adjust the sensitivity of controls. Go to the Options menu, and then to the Adjust Controls option, where you can play with Sensitivity, Gyroscope Sensitivity, and Aiming Sensitivity to take advantage of optimum accuracy.

Remember to reload

Modern Combat 5

Press the button highlighted in red to reload between rounds.

There’s nothing worse than being short of ammunition during a huge confrontation. Change the layout of buttons to keep the weapons selector handy. A touch will let you reload your weapon, and if you don’t have ammo, you only have to slide your finger to instantly change weapons.

By strictly following these five tips, you’ll quickly become unbeatable in Modern Combat 5.

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