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The most popular TikTok memes

The most popular Tik Tok Memes

Is Tik Tok, the app formally known as, better than Vine? We’re not quite equipped to get into such a deep philosophical debate right now. Honestly, we’d be here for hours and we probably wouldn’t even say that much. Suffice to say, when Vine shut down, we were devastated until Tik Tok burst onto the scene. The Tik Tok video app is glorious, with some crack TikTok user accounts never failing to have us rolling around laughing our heads off. Tik Tok videos might make you cringe, but they’ll definitely make you laugh.

That’s what we’re here for today. We’re here to celebrate Tik Tok in all its scripted, epic comedy, lip-sync music video goodness and go through some of the best Tik Tok videos ever. Quick note, these articles always take me longer than they should do as it is impossible to not get sucked in and just watch video after video. Buckle up, these are the funniest Tik Toks.


Funny Tik Tok memes

Second quick note; many of these will be in the form of tweets and Instagram posts. They all originated on Tik Tok, however, we guarantee it. Tik Tok users are like the new YouTubers and people will share their content across multiple platforms. You can even find Tik Tok videos shared on platforms like Snapchat and Google.

Scary cat

Tik Tok lets users add music clips to their videos. The clips can be used to create amazing lip-synced tributes to the biggest pop acts on the planet, but they can also help build tension for a jump scare payoff. Not bad at all when you only have 15 seconds to play around with.

Yeah, you’d better run

This is great. The music helps build the video up towards its epic payoff just like in the scary cat video above. Let’s face it, we all know how disgusting roaches are and we definitely don’t want them anywhere near us.

Risky business

What can you do with 15 seconds? Well, as this video proves quite a lot, actually. Filming is about getting the shot, no matter what. Use what you can to get the effect you’re looking for. This could be a helicopter, drone, multi-million-dollar special effects studio, or the ceiling fan in your living room. Oh yeah, don’t forget a backing track that will make your hairs stand on end.

Dead on

Apart from the odd social media manager or TV star, Tik Tok is the domain of Gen Z. If nothing else, this gives us hope for the future as they’ve been making us laugh for nearly two years now. They’re even better when they’re skewering themselves like in this classic Tik Tok.

No Steve, no

This classic Tik Tok meme has been painstakingly recreated with everything from gummy bears to wine bottle corks. That’s the great thing about Tik Tok, people reuse audio to make their own versions of popular memes. This video has an added extra treat at the end though, that will have you in stitches.

Hit or miss

Another big Tik Tok meme that has been rippling across the app and reaching out into the real world is Hit or miss. If you’ve ever heard this shouted out in public, you’ve found yourself right in the middle of the meme. Tik Tok users shout it out to see if there are any other Tik Tok fans around.

That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll often find a bit of star power mixed in between all the comedy gold coming straight from the youth of today. This video of Arnold Schwarzenegger laughing at the size of Sylvester Stallone’s knife fits in nicely. It might not have the production value of some of the other videos we’re featuring but it deserves its slot.

Full power wholesomeness

This video is simple. It includes a very happy dog, video game sound effects, and a charging cable. Enjoy.

The Bollywood cat

Duets are a big thing on Tik Tok. The idea is that you both video yourself in portrait mode singing/lip-syncing together and then play the videos along together. When done well they can look great. Not as great as this though. A Bollywood style dance duet between a man and a cat.

Dog the head banger

This dog needs no dance partner. This dog doesn’t even need to get up. This dog can do it all on its own while lying on the floor. We wish we could do what this dog does so effortlessly.

Just good content

@alainahatsuneI will never be the same 😩😍 #thisismyvoice #girlsarentfunny #dank #ironic #meme #anime #cringe♬ original sound – alainahatsune

Like we’ve already mentioned, memes are often repeated across Tik Tok with different users adding their own spin to an already well-worn concept and idea. Here we’ve two excellent examples of the This is my voice… meme that sees users showcasing the changes they go through when they become members of a new digital tribe. Check out first what happens when you start watching Dora the Explorer and then afterwards what happens when you start watching anime. Both are great.

Cat cruelty

Animals are a big deal on the internet. We’re not going to get involved in the whole cats vs dogs debate. We love them both. We do, however, know that cats have a certain diabolical nature to them while dogs have more of a loveable gullible way of seeing the world. This Tik Tok illustrates these truths brilliantly and proves that you don’t need some incredible performing pet to make them internet video stars.

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