Mozilla issues new Firefox and Thunderbird updates

Mozilla issues new Firefox and Thunderbird updates

mozilla-logo.pngMozilla has recommended that all Firefox and Thunderbird users upgrade to the latest releases after issuing a security patch and addressing other security and stability issues. Mozilla said in a statement, ‘This update resolves the location.hostname vulnerability and other security and stability issues.’

The problem was traced to to a cookie flaw discovered by an ‘ethical hacker’ from Poland. Such hackers aim to help spot potential security threats and report them to developers rather than exploiting them for personal gain. The flaw would have allowed hackers to set or change cookies, permissions for site settings and passwords.

The perennial Firefox memory leak issue has also been addressed (although not solved) with a patch that stops a critical level flaw that was leading to memory corruption and crashes. Several important Vista compatibility issues have also been addressed and 4 new languages added – Afrikaans, Belarusian, Georgian and Kurdish.

Users who have already downloaded Firefox or Thunderbird from the Softonic site can update automatically in the ‘Help’ menu by selecting ‘Check for Updates’.

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