Multiplayer fun with complete strangers

Audition OnlineHaving recently come out of a rather nasty Texas Hold’Em Poker addiction on Facebook, I feel enlightened to talk to you about the benefits and evils of playing online games with complete strangers. Yes, they took all my money. But, as therapy as shown me, Poker has nothing to do with winning, it’s all about who loses last.

However, there are a number of more enjoyable ways to interact with new people on the internet. Including shooting them:

  • Net Domino – OK so it may seem a dull start but wait till you get online. It’s fierce.
  • World of Warcraft – The most fantasy fun you can have without dressing up
  • Rakion – A medieval bloodbath: you and your friends must slay a Golem
  • The Saga of Ryzom – Head-spinningly realistic and beautifully created virtual world
  • SilkRoad Online – Trade or plunder the choice is yours, but you must get that silk. A great introduction to the multiplayer experience.
  • Little Fighter 2 – Double Dragon-style manga Americana punching, kneeing and chuck-em- in-the-bins action.
  • Dungeon Runners – Ugly monsters and squalid conditions, just like the Softonic officeEntropia Universe
  • Quake 4 – Episode Four of the classic and still there’s Strogg and the Borgs to kill. When will the madness end?
  • Audition Online – Shake your booty for strangers without paying an entrance fee or getting hit by a bouncer.
  • Entropia Universe – It promises a real world with real currency but all I’ve found are plants with faces and gorillamen. Much better than this Earth place.
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