New emoticons for Skype 5.5

New emoticons for Skype 5.5

Want some new emoticons for Skype? We already knew there are some hidden emoticons within the VoIP app, but now you can access even more new symbols and characters with Skype 5.5.

Skype emoticons

Here are the new emoticons in Skype 5.5 that can help liven up your conversations even more:

(Facepalm) (fail)


(fingers) (fingerscrossed)


(lalala) (lala) (notlistening)

(waiting) (forever) (impatience)

(highfive) (hifive) (h5)

And are some more hidden ones (i.e. not included in the emoticons pop-up window) that have been added since my last post about Skype emoticons.







Thanks to for the full list of Skype emoticons.

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