New podcast for Creative Suite users

csuite.jpgNow that Adobe has successfully monopolized the graphic design market following its aquisition of Macromedia, insight into the company’s bumper software portfolio is becoming increasinlgy sought-after. Whether you’re looking to build websites, design posters or produce magazines, Adobe now rules the roost over the best packages available.

Thankfully, the corporation is far from being a big, bad money-making machine (well, maybe to some extent) and has always made the effort to foster a community of users and educate them on how to deliver the best results through its software. Whether you’re using Photoshop, GoLive or Illustrator, the Adobe Creative Suite Video podcast provides a great way to extent your skills with these programs. With professional demonstrations of how to manipulate the apps to produce wonderful creations, the site is perfect for anyone who wants to get away from merely Photoshopping their mate’s head onto a gibbon.

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