New VMWare Fusion for Mountain Lion and W8

New VMWare Fusion for Mountain Lion and W8

Using Mountain Lion and Windows 8 at the same time on your Mac has just got easier with the release of VMWare Fusion 5.0.

Windows 8 apps now appear in the OS X Launchpad and you receive notifications from Mountain Lion’s Notification Center in Windows 8. VMWare Fusion 5.0 has also been optimized for Retina displays, USB 3 connectivity although there’s no mention of Thunderbolt support.

There are 70 new features and changes in total according to VMWare, including a significantly enhanced boot-up time of just eight seconds, enhanced battery management, and an enhanced user interface. 3D game rendering has also been improved, although it’s still unlikely it beats playing games using Bootcamp.

VMware Fusion 5 costs $49.99 to upgrade but VMware Fusion 4 license holders are eligible for a free upgrade if they purchased VMware Fusion 4 on or after July 25.

VMWare Fusion has certainly made progress in catching-up with Parallels in recent releases and many have grown tired with bugs in the latter and the update policy.

Check out our full review of VMWare Fusion 5.0 and download a free trial and see if you think it’s a match for Parallels.

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