No Time Machine? Alternative backup tools for your Mac

Cyril Roger


Time MachineOne of the most lauded features of Apple’s new operating system, Leopard, is probably Time Machine, the automatic backup that makes up to date copies of every single thing on your Mac, without you having to worry about a thing. The design of Time Machine and its simplicity, as startling as it may sound, make backing up an exciting task. Yet, for you unlucky people who still haven’t gotten their hands on a copy of Leopard, saving and storing files is far from being the most thrilling thing you want to be doing on your Mac. I’ve gathered a few programs that will do the job effectively and will at least make backing up a bit more easier for you. Let’s check them out:

  • Personal Backup – A quick solution to save copies of your files, can even save to any external drive and synchronize two Macs together.
  • Mozy Remote Backup – 2Gb of free online storage to backup your files any time, anywhere so long as you’re connected.
  • SuperDuper! – The king of backups, this program has a built in -scheduler that could almost make backups as easy as in Time Machine.
  • Deja Vu – Clone your OS X system disk, mirror the content of folders, and have backups ready in a click.
  • BackityMac – Backing up is as easy as checking a file in a list. Great to store files from Mac specific apps like Apple Mail, iCal or iPhoto.
  • GrabBack – Best for making backups on USB flash drives, this application makes sure you’re never left without a copy of your most important files.

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