One Piece Shocker: Fans Stunned as Series Uncovers a Long-Hidden Mystery

The D Clan uncovered

One Piece Shocker: Fans Stunned as Series Uncovers a Long-Hidden Mystery
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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One Piece is a manga like no other. Beyond the multiple public records it has achieved –in 2022 it was the most watched series– and its enormous length, having been published for more than 25 years without interruption, the narrative created by Eiichiro Oda never ceases to surprise us after such a long time.

Last year we already had an impressive revelation when we learned that Luffy is, in reality, the bearer of the Hito Hito fruit: Nika model, with the power to summon the Nika warrior of liberation on himself. But in the last issue we have discovered a new secret that has nothing to envy to this one, and that Oda has been hiding for years.

One Piece: 7 Klan Pewaris Will of D

D’s will has been resolved.

In issue #1085 of the One Piece manga, King Cobra meets with the Gorosei, who look like they will be the final villains of Luffy and company. While they are talking, the all-powerful Im explains to Cobra what the real meaning behind the letter “D” is that many characters in the manga and anime have. He does it like this:

“D” is the name of those who once opposed us. These have emerged more frequently in recent times in every corner of the world with the “D”. However, they are nothing but empty shells who ignore the true meaning of their name.”

This means that, as many fans suspected, the characters with a D in their name are the main enemies of the Tenryubitos, and they bear this name because they have caused a lot of trouble to the World Government in the past. That is why they are persecuted by the same.

Some of the characters with the D in their name are Luffy, Blackbeard, Dragon and Garp (Luffy’s father and grandfather), Trafalgar Law or Nefertari Vivi. Also other deceased like Gol D Roger, Ace or Rocks. Cobra himself also bears the D in his name.

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