Online resources and software to learn languages

Online resources and software to learn languagesLanguages are fascinating – at least for me. But they’re also expensive to learn: lessons, textbooks, a month or two abroad to improve your fluency… All of it costs an arm and a leg, so why not trying to do something on your own and save some money?

There are plenty of software applications and online resources to help you take your first steps in whichever language you choose. Here at Softonic you’ll find tools like Amigos Spanish, Easy French Dialogs, Prosonsoft Deutsche Sprache, InstantSpeak Chinese and Kana No Quiz to learn Spanish, French, German Chinese and Japanese respectively. You can even learn Morse if you want!

Other software applications work as real-time translators, enabling you to convert words, text fragments or just about anything you find on the web between different languages.

But that’s not all. A quick look at Google shows many interesting resources like the BBC Languages, great dictionaries like WordReference and many online courses to learn Spanish, French, German and many other languages. Also, don’t forget that iTunes offers many free language podcasts – as we already explained here – which, once saved in your iPod, can be the perfect way to improve language skills on the move.

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