Plan the perfect Halloween party

Make sure you get your costume just rightWell, tomorrow is the big day and if you’ve decided to organise a last-minute Halloween party you needn’t fear (well, only about the freaks that are going to show up). That’s because there’s plenty of PC software around that can help you make sure your bash is a real scream. The best place to start is FunParty Make-Over, which will help you create a costume that will make your friends wish they’d stayed at home. Simply load a picture of yourself then play around with different fancy dress objects in the program to create the perfect grizzly look.

Unless your guests have already dined on flesh and bats before they arrive, you’re going to need to put on a spread of food for them. A quick way of coming up with some tasty Halloween treats is to delve into the huge recipe database within Living Cookbook, which presents cooking instructions in a very simple manner. Of course, with all that food inside them, your victims guests are going to get thirsty. Introduce some gruesome spirits to the proceedings by mixing you own cocktails using Professional Bartender.

Right, that’s the food and drink taken care of, now to sort out the music for the night. A great way of queuing up haunting classics like The Monster Mash, Ghostbusters and Thriller (which are all compulsory Halloween tracks, by the way) is to download PartyDJ, which contains powerful commands for altering the song order, searching and filtering music. Another interesting app that might come in handy is Snap, which lets you convert your webcam into a virtual photo-booth, ideal for taking snaps of the all the horrific party scenes as they unfold.

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