Play MP4s on your Windows Mobile device

Windows have a good tip on how to play iPod and PSP movies on your Windows Mobile device. You’ll need the TCPMP DIvX player, the H.264 ffmpeg plugin and the AAC plugin. Make sure your PC also has ActiveSync (or, for Vista users, WMDC) so you can transfer your videos from your PC to your Windows Mobile device. It’s then just a case of installing TCPMP, both plugins and transferring the videos. does well to mention that you shouldn’t expect excellent quality. The site suggests also testing it on a Pocket PC, with the better capabilities of the device probably more suited to playing videos than just any handheld.

This tip brings us to talk about TCPMP, which is a very good free DIvX player for your mobile. The application is compatible with the most popular codecs and file types, which includes MP4. Since the quality of playback can fluctuate quite a lot, it’s important to know how to use the advanced features in the player to be able to get the most out of your video and audio. You’re probably best fiddling around with contrast, brightness, video speed and other settings until you’re satisfied with the image and sound quality. TCPMP also lets you play files backwards and adjust playback speed.

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