Play pub sports on your phone

Play pub sports on your phone

Play darts on your phoneVisiting a bar isn’t all about just getting drunk and chewing the fat with the locals. In fact, pubs are often a breeding ground for some of the most successful sportsmen on the planet. Heroes such as snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan and darts legend Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor honed their skills in the smoky games rooms of their local watering holes.

We all know that pub sports aren’t the most strenuous of activities but if you’re so lazy that you can’t even be bothered to get up and walk to the local bar then stop panicking. You can now enjoy your favorite pub games on your mobile phone. Grab yourself a cold one and install these fun sports on your device.

If you’re into darts then you’re spoiled for choice in terms of titles. One of my personal favorites is the graphically-rich Power Dart for Symbian Series 60 devices. The game allows you to play the popular ’01’ tournaments (i.e. 301, 401, 501, 601) against the computer, or challenge your friends over Bluetooth. Arrows games for other platforms include Darts for iPhone, Darts (Java), Darts Deluxe (Palm), and Dartz (Windows Mobile).

Pool fans also get a plethora of choices when it comes to mobile games. The king of the genre is Virtual Pool Mobile, which is available for a range of different mobile phone platforms. This impressive 3D simulation sees you start your career in a garage then work you way up by defeating different opponents in a range of locations. Other decent pool games include Vegas Pool Sharks (multi-platform), Pool Rebel (Windows Mobile), and Pool House (Palm).

An alternative ball-blasting game, popular in British boozers, is bar billiards. The object of this one is to accumulate points by strategically potting the eight balls into any of the nine holes, which each have a points value. You also have to contend with three pegs that are placed on the table, each of which affects your points tally in a different way when it. It sounds complicated but it’s quite easy to pick up, as you’ll see if you install Pocket Bar Billiards on your Windows Mobile phone.

My personal favorite barroom sport is table football, mainly because it’s a lot less strenuous than the  real thing (and you actually play better after a couple of lagers). Masterkick is an awesome foosball sim that’s available for a wide range of different mobile operating systems. The game looks and sounds great and offers a realistic handle-twiddling experience. Alternatively, you could try Resco Table Soccer, which supports Windows Mobile devices.

Dominoes is one of the oldest bar games around and has been played in taverns ever since the times when smugglers and pirates would bet with each other for pieces of silver or parrots. Real Dice Dominoes allows you to take on up to four real-life players online, or a strong computer opponent. All players take their turns to lay down their slabs so that the number of dots corresponds to those of the last domino played. Whoever gets rid of all their stones first is declared the winner. The game is available for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian handsets.

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